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"lose weight easily and regain your vitality"


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Weight Loss with zest4life


Essentia Nutrition has teamed up with Patrick Holford's low-GL weightloss programme zest4life to bring this new approach of weightloss to the Bristol and Bath area.

zest4life Personal Plans show you step by step how to achieve amazing results in health, weightloss and vitality long term. zest4life Personal Plans are tailored to meet your needs, whether it’s a busy lifestyle or creating a plan with foods you like, the aim is to find a weightloss plan that works for you

All zest4life Personal Plans combine 1:1 consultations and weekly telephone and email support to optimise your time and achieve results. Weekly support helps you to overcome barriers, monitor your progress and keep you on track. Once you have finished the Starter Plan you can mix and match the Follow-on Plan and Support Package until you achieve your ideal weight and health goals. (link in structure & pricing)

  • Starter Plan - 6 weeks £149

  • Follow-on Plan - 5 weeks £89

  • Weekly telephone/email support package - 4 weeks £59

More details of the pricing and structure of plans can be found here.

This is intelligent weight loss for people who are serious about losing weight, improving their health and are ready to take action.


“I DO feel massively improved! No more headaches, no more bed at 9.30!, not bursting into tears every 5 minutes and have lost 8lbs so far. I measured my waist too and I’ve lost 7 inches!! I feel quite positive about it all because I can definitely live like this.�

Sally, Bristol


To find out more on how you can achieve your ideal weight and health, call Norma on 07791 890 541 or email’s time!


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