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Giving up addictions

Do you crave...
caffeine    sugar    alcohol    cigarettes?


Are you dependant on...
sleeping pills    anti-depressants    recreational drugs?


The foods or chemicals you find difficult to give up often replace natural brain chemicals (neurotransmitters) that are lacking in the brain. So when you consume these substances you feel better than without them, making it more difficult to quit.

Inspired by Patrick Holford's new book & lecture tour, 'How to Quit without feeling S**T', Essentia Nutrition are offering a special programme of nutritional therapy consultation and selected laboratory tests designed to help you quit - at 10% off normal prices!

Find out your potential brain chemical imbalances that encourage addictions, such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, cigarettes and even sleeping pills, anti/depressants and recreational drugs through a personalised consultation. 

The easy to use finger-prick tests, done in the comfort of you own home, include:

  • Amino Acids Profile (was 99, now 89), Amino acids are the building blocks of brain chemicals. This test identifies deficiencies that may lead to dependency and addiction.

  • Homocysteine Test (was 75, now 68), This test is an indicator of the methylation process that can effect levels of brain chemicals.

  • Food Intolerance - IgG antibody testing (40 foods: was 99, now 89 / 93 foods: was 199, now 179). This test discovers hidden food intolerances that may lead to cravings.

During a consultation the test results are discussed and used to help formulate diet and lifestyle changes, and supplement recommendations that empower you to overcome your addiction.

Contact Norma at Essentia Nutrition on 07791 890 541 or to find out more programmes and/or to book an appointment.

Visit for more information about Patrick Holford's new book & tour, plus 'Abstinence Symptoms' checklist.

...find out what you're missing!

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