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Sports Nutrition

Nutrition plays an integral part of a sports training regime to enhance performance during competition, aid in recovery after an event and help to prevent injury.

The specialist discipline of sports nutrition uses the latest scientific research on the use of food, nutrients, and sports nutrition products to optimise the body’s performance for a particular sport. 

Although each sporting discipline has its own specific nutritional demands, sports nutrition can be applied to practically all sports, including track and field, cycling, swimming, gymnastics, rowing, team sports, weight category sports as well as the precision sports such as archery, shooting, and bowls.

Sports nutrition can be used to:

  • Reduce body fat

  • Increase muscle mass

  • Increase mental & physical stamina

  • Increase mental clarity

  • Protect joints

  • Prevent injury

  • Speed recovery from injury

The most effective sports nutrition programmes use the personalised approach of nutritional therapy. This recognises that we’re all bio-chemically unique. It takes into account a person's genetics, nutrient status, diet and lifestyle as well as one's sporting goals.

Using one-on-one consultations the nutritional therapist gathers information to build a detailed picture of the client's nutritional needs. Therapist and client then work together to create an achievable and practical sports nutrition programme to maximise training and competition events.

The programme focuses on optimal diet and lifestyle choices, professional vitamin and mineral supplements, and sports nutrition products to enhance sporting performance.

For athletes competing at the highest levels, particular attention is given to supplements and drugs to ensure these aren't on the Drug Information Database and meet the World Anti-Doping Code

Follow-up consultations are advisable to monitor progress and make changes to the programme to ensure progression towards one's goals. 

Phone and email support between consultations is included to answer any questions and help keep things on track.

Sports nutrition can also be applied to assist with weight loss. When combined with a personalised training regime it's an ideal way to help attain and maintain one's ideal body weight.  





























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